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Category: North America

Unusual tourism in North America.

Mendenhall Ice Caves- Brilliant Blue Caves (That Are Dying…)

As far as unusual tourism goes, few things are as beautiful, surreal, dangerous and temporary as the Mendenhall Ice Caves….

The Island of the Dolls- NOT a Little Kid’s Paradise

I don’t know about you, but to me, old, mutilated dolls might be one of the scariest things you could…

Cancún Underwater Museum- You Better Hold Your Breath

This museum is not like any other in the world. In fact, it’s about 20 feet deeper. The Museo Subacuático…

The Museum of Bad Art- Art Too Bad to be Ignored

There are a very large number of art museums around the world, an estimated 55,000 to be exact, but the…

Bubblegum Alley- The Most Unsanitary Alleyway

While alleys may be notorious for being unsanitary, none can compare to the amount of DNA, saliva and mouth bacteria…

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