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Crooked Forest- Trees With a Mind of Their Own

The best of the unusual tourism destinations are those that still stump scientists to this day, and this crooked forest remains one of the most mysterious.

Located near the town of Gryfino, Poland, all 400 pine trees found in the Krzywy Las (Polish for crooked forest) sharply curve near their base and then straighten back out. No one knows why.

How Did The Trees Get Their Curved Shape?

There has been no proven explanation for the reason these trees make a “J” shape soon after sprouting from the ground.

The trees in the Crooked Forest make curving J shapes

Each of the 400 pine trees curve North just at or above ground level before curving back upward in a distance measuring between three and nine feet. There are many theories as to how this happens consistently on all of the trees.

Some believe humans used a mysterious tool or technique to force the trees to curve this way, perhaps to create “naturally” curving timber to use in the creation of furniture or ships.

Another possible theory is that continuous and intense snowstorms and wind pounding away at the trunks made them bend. Or, perhaps the trees were born into thick snow forcing them to take a detour on their path upwards.

Despite the disapproval by science, others believe that a unique gravitational field affecting the area causes the trees to curve, yet as with the other theories, there is no proof.

All 400 pine trees in the forest are curved


Despite the strange shape, all of the trees are healthy, sturdy and growing. Some have grown to as high as 50 feet, truly amazing to look at and see for yourself.

The peculiarity and uniqueness of the forest attracts many tourists. To get there, make your way to Gryfino, Poland. From Gryfino the easiest way to access the forest is via taxi or bus line 1. The forest is free to enter, and they have a dedicated website for more access and background information.

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