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Skylodge Adventure Suite- Sleep in a Glass Pod On The Side Of A Cliff

If you have acrophobia (that’s the fear of heights) you might want to skip this one. If you don’t head to Peru, hike 1,200 feet straight up the side of a cliff, and spend a night in a glass pod with an incredible 300 degree view.


The Skylodge Hotel is found in the sacred valley of Cuzco, Peru. The sacred valley is incredibly beautiful during the day, and has a stunning view of the Milky Way at night.

The area is surrounded by two UNESCO world heritage sites, protected via international treaties for their historical, cultural and/or scientific importance. One, the popular destination of Machu Picchu, and the other the former imperial capital Cusco.

How do you Get Up?

The view of the pods from the bottom of the cliff. “DSC04172” by Alf Igel is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

These pods are very high up, as you can probably tell from the pictures. Even the way up is not for the faint of heart. You have the option of taking a via ferrata, a climbing path with steel cables and rungs that are fixed to the cliff. It is essentially a metal ladder, with rungs all 1200 feet of the way up. Each hiker is attached to a harness and rope, and a tour guide is there to help throughout.

The other option is hiking a different trail and zip-lining in. Both are fun and popular, and for an extra fee you can do one, go down, and do the other (because why not?)


There are a total of three glass pods, measuring 24 feet by 8 feet by 8 feet. They are covered in windows, and include ventilation ducts, a dining area, four beds, and a private bathroom. Quite honestly, these probably have the best view from a toilet in the entire world (I might have to look into that…)

They also have privacy curtains, silk sheets and a chef that cooks luxury breakfast and dinner for all the guests.

The total capacity amongst all three suites is eight people. For safety reasons in regards to the climb up, the zipline and staying in the pod, there is a weight limit of 265 lbs (120 kg) per person. Still, don’t worry, as they claim each pod can hold 21 times the weight of five average adults.


Of course, this is a hotel made for tourists. It is one of a kind, and in the middle of amazing destinations in the beautiful country of Peru. Prices are $420 USD (1485 Peruvian sole) for the zip-line or via ferrata plus one night’s stay. This includes transportation, guides, equipment, snacks, gourmet breakfast, dinner and wine. For an additional fee, you can hire a photographer to capture the incredible moment’s you’ll have.

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