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Wave Rock- Proof That Earth Benders Are Real?

No, this was not formed from earth benders going surfing. Believe it or not, this incredible rock found in Australia is completely natural.

The rock is almost 50 feet (15 meters) high, and 360 feet (110 meters) long. Found in the small town of Hyden, Australia, the rock is made of layers and layers of granite, formed over the span of approximately 2.6 billion years.

By John Cooke – Flickr – https://www.flickr.com/photos/john-cooke-uk/14828038471, CC BY-SA 2.0

Why is it Shaped Like A Wave?

Wave rock is made of granite and perhaps the best example on Earth of a “flared slope” (a geological term for a rock wall with a smooth transitional concavity).

The rock went through many steps to become the beauty it is today. First, about 300 million years of weathering granite bedrock beneath the surface. Next, underground domes were formed from the weathered rock. When Australia and Antarctica separated, about 30 millions years ago, the domes became exposed. Further eroding, exposing and time led to this wave essentially popping out of the ground.

Hyden Rock

The Wave Rock is actually just one side of a hill known as Hyden Rock. A small stone wall has been built at the top, just before the downward slope begins. While this offers some safety and protection, its main purpose is to catch and redirect water to the Hyden Humps Dam.

The area attracts an impressive 100,00 tourists a year. The surrounding area includes a wildlife park and incredible plant and animal life including koalas, kangaroos, and beautiful flowers. There is also a gift shop and cafe.

There is no fee to see the rock, though parking will cost a mere $5. People attempt to climb, skateboard and bike along the wall, although it is said to be even steeper than it looks and extremely difficult. So… Challenge accepted?

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