This resort in Hakone, Japan undoubtedly features the most unique soaking baths in the world.


The Yunessun Spa and Resort is equipped with large hotel rooms, scenic views of the Hakone mountains and fine Japanese and Italian dining, but reason they make the list for the most unusual places on the planet would be their 23 fantastically unique types of baths.

They have the usual hot tubs, natural hot springs, waterslides, waterfalls and even caves, but head inside and it really starts getting interesting.

Coffee bath, Yunessun.

Whether you want to bathe in coffee, wine, Japanese sake, or green tea, they have the tub for you. Yes, seriously, you can have a warm soak in any of these substances and more.

The resort features live pours into the tubs three times a day, splashing its guests and replenishing the tubs with these exotic concoctions.

Health Benefits

While these tubs are certainly created for a unique and entertaining experience, the spa also claims benefits to your health. Each tub and substance are mixed in with warm, natural hot spring water.

The coffee bath claims to reduce fatigue and beautify your skin. The wine bath has a divine aroma and rejuvenating skin properties, said to have been used by Egyptian ruler Cleopatra.

Bathe in real wine at the Yunesson Spa.

The green tea bath can improve blood circulation and has a soothing and peaceful aroma. The Japanese sake bath again has a comforting aroma, and is added to the bath to “warm you deep inside”.

For an extra charge you can use their Garra rufa, also known as Dr. fish foot baths. These little fish nibble at your feet and toes, getting rid of dead skin.

While these are the most unique, there are many other features such as their aroma room where you sit and refresh your body and soul inside an ever-changing aromatic experience. Female and male-only nude areas, warmed stone rooms, dry wooden saunas, pottery baths and reserved private rooms are just a few more of the amenities they offer.

There are also pictures circulating of a Ramen noodles hot tub said to be full of pepper water, but they don’t list this on their website so I believe it has unfortunately been discontinued.

Garra rufa fish, By Eliedion – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

If you’re planning on dunking your head under and getting drunk off of wine or sake, read their rules first, as I regret to say there is a strict no-drinking policy in every tub.


Costs for the spa starts at 500 JPY (roughly 5 USD) for children accessing one area, and goes up to 3500 JPY (roughly 33 USD) for adult access to all areas. They also have partnership agreements with about 30 nearby hotels that includes admission to the Yunessun spa with the purchase of a room.

If you’re an adventurous person looking for a relaxing and unique bath that you won’t find anywhere else, Yunessun should be your first choice.